Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why I Hate Money (and Why I Wish I Had More)

For the last few years, I've gotten a rather sizable bonus from work around this time of year. This year, economy being what it is, I got a significantly smaller bonus. I never realized how much I took that bonus for granted until I made that list of things I want to do in the next 10 years. Assuming I would get nothing this year, I started saving to protect myself from going completely broke.

Now I'm realizing, not even three months into the year, that I've started a good thing, because my body is falling apart and health care costs money - even if you have insurance. I got an echo-cardiogram a couple weeks ago. I just found out that I have to pay for the whole thing because it applies toward my deductible, which I certainly haven't yet met for the year.

So, there's my first unexpected expense of the year. That expense? Just a little shy of the bonus I received this year.

What does this mean for me and my plan? Back to square one. Like it never happened, and I go back to never getting a bonus in 2010. Back to the saving machine. I hate that I have to think about this stuff all the time.

Here's why I wish I had more money: I want things. I'm still planning on that trip to Vegas for my birthday in the fall. But right now? I want an iPod.

Yeah. I know. I hate the whole "i-whatever" thing. I've said it a hundred times. But my main mp3 player is on the fritz. It hates me. The buttons don't work half the time, and I'm surprised it still plays music. And it's a dinosaur. The screen isn't even in color! The more I look at the iPod Nano (the fancy new ones that shoot video), the more I want one. I like all of its features. Does anyone know of a similar device that's not an Apple product (preferably available in a 16GB version)? Bonus points if it comes in awesome colors like the Nano.

With all the traveling I have planed for the near future, it would be really helpful to have something like this. Something small and shiny, but able to hold a lot of music and a few episodes of some TV shows. I wants it.


  1. Non-Apple products.

    Zune. Supposed to be pretty good, I've never used one.

    Anything from Creative. You're already using one of their products I don't know how much they've changed the software since the one you have but it seems to have treated you well enough.

    Personally I shop for iPod's from the Apple refurb pile. Yeah the box it comes in isn't as pretty as the "new" box but as far as I'm concerned a box I'm going to throw away anyway isn't worth $20.

  2. Hmm. Looking into the Zune teaches me that it uses proprietary software much like the iPods use iTunes, and that's one of the main reasons I have a problem with Apple. Still need to look into Creative. I liked the one I had, but I don't think the new ones come in fun colors.

    Also, did you know that Sony still makes Walkmans? They're mp3 players now, but still! I'm entertained.