Monday, March 8, 2010

In the Mood for a Monday

There's a hangnail on my pinky finger that's trying to kill me. This irritates me.

There's a charge on my bank account from from an "auto-renew" feature that I don't remember signing up for. They didn't even bother to give me a heads-up that it was going to be charged. This makes me angry.

I only got an hour or two of sleep last night. Up late for the Oscars and had a hard time falling asleep. This makes me crabby.

So, suddenly (thanks to, I'm an irritated angry crabby-pants. I hate everything and everyone. Even that adorably cute little lobster doll sitting by my monitor that's smiling up at me. I hate that stupid thing, too.

I hate that my coffee is cold, but I don't want to get a whole new cup because I know I won't drink it all.

I hate that there's not a lot on my to-do list today. There's plenty I can work on, but I'm having a hard time building up the energy to work on something that doesn't have a pressing deadline.

I hate things that are made of leather. Not for any PETA-related reasons, mind you. It's just that the last few leather products I've worn have smelled like fish. I guess they're treated in some sort of fish-related oil or something along those lines. Still, I made a necklace on Saturday on a leather cord. Couldn't wear it out to dinner because the stench from the necklace would have interfered with the delicious smells and flavors of my food. Stupid leather. I know now to sniff everything leather before I buy it.

I hate that the package of Cadbury Mini Eggs I bought this weekend was only large enough to fill the candy dish on my desk once. I thought I'd be able to replenish it later this week.

I hate that I'm craving tacos.

See? This just isn't cool. Bad moods suck.

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