Monday, May 5, 2014

Day in the Life

Here’s a little bit about what it’s like being a fat person.

Today at work, we had a taco lunch for Cinco de Mayo. I LOVE tacos. They’re one of my favorite foods. I ate 3 tacos and had some chips and salsa. There were also a couple piƱatas filled with candy, so I took a handful of Tootsie Rolls after they had all fallen to the floor.

As people started leaving the lunchroom, the organizers of the lunch announced that there were plenty of taco fixings left. Everyone grumbled something about how full they were and went back to their desks. I was part of this “everyone.”

Though, in all honesty, I could eat another taco. Probably another two or three tacos. But I’m not doing it because I’m already the biggest person in the office. I don’t need to draw attention to myself.

I don’t get bullied around here. People here know me well enough, and I know they respect me for who I am and the work that I do. They know me on a personal level, and that’s great. But I still find myself doing things like restricting my taco intake for the sake of the image I present to others. I don’t want them to be thinking “of course Becky is eating another taco! All she does is eat!” even though they’d never say it out loud. I won’t give them that fuel.

Even though, for all I know, they aren’t thinking that sort of thing at all.

These are the things you think about when you’re a fat person.

Hmm, now that everyone has cleared out of the lunch room, I think I might go heat up another taco…