Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Phone Woes

I love my cell phone. Really, I do. It helps that my service provider pretty much gave it to me for free. It has all the features I like in a cell phone - it can do phone calls AND text messages. Sure, it has a camera, too, but I don't really care about that. I don't like paying for picture messages anyway.

I've had this phone for about a year (I really don't remember when I got it, but it wasn't too long ago... maybe over a year, since I think I was in my old apartment when I got this one). It's a trusty little phone - I can't tell you how many times I've dropped it. Cute little navy blue slide phone with a decent-sized screen. It looks a little beat up, but it works well.

Wait, scratch that. It WORKED well. Past tense.

I was in the middle of a couple text-message conversations over my lunch break. I'd slide the phone closed in between messages because that makes the screen go dark faster. When I got a message, I'd slide open the phone, read it, and reply. But suddenly, when I slid open the phone, all I got was a blank white screen. I tried pushing buttons - nothing happened. I tried turning it off and on again - I could read my messages, and reply, but as soon as I closed the phone, the same thing happened. Again and again. Now, hours later, it's still doing the same thing.

I don't want a new phone. I like this phone.

So I went to Google. Typed in "troubleshooting for Samsung phones," was directed to Samsung's website. Entered the model number for the phone. Launched the troubleshooting tool. What does it tell me? "If your phone has a blank LCD, it will need to be sent in for service. Click the button below to create an online service request!" With the exclamation point. Or, since I wasn't sure what sort of problem this should be classified under, I got this response: "If the backlight on your phone is not working properly it might be possible to resolve the issue by changing the settings on the phone."

That's it. Send it in for service, or change the settings. Change the settings to what? I don't know. Change which settings? No idea. That's all it says, nowhere to click for more information without calling tech support.

Hey, look at this! A feedback form! "Was the above article helpful?" Um, NO. I wouldn't even call it an article. It was a sentence. Not a very helpful one, either.

I wonder if I'm actually due for a new phone on my plan. It might be time...

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