Monday, June 21, 2010


I want to write a big long post here, but I've been a little busy. My computer at work got a virus, so no lunchtime updates today (my entire day was spent trying to get the new antivirus software to actually find the malicious files - no luck by the time I left). Not sure what's going to happen with that, but that means I need to do all my blog updates from my home computer.

Of course, that means that I need to actually use my computer instead of my phone. I barely used this computer over the weekend - everything I wanted to check was made possible by the fantastic technology of my fancy new phone.

I might have a problem.

I check the new phone all the time. I constantly refresh my Twitter feed, and I'm always looking for new updated statuses on Facebook. I'll read my email as soon as it comes in (but I don't often reply because they're usually just junk that gets deleted right away). I have to charge it every day, but even that doesn't bug me. I'm completely sold on the smartphone technology.

In other news, construction has begun on the street in front of my house. They're out there right now, making noise. Good thing we have air conditioning so that I can keep the windows closed and some of the sound out. I was expecting a large headache this morning in regard to the bus stop, but it was normal. Hopefully it'll stay like that the rest of the week. And if this is anything like the construction project further up the street, it really should only take a week.

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