Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On Cooking and Passion

Today I returned home from a fantastic vacation in Kansas City. There are two things I'm going to talk about here (and neither one is baseball, the purpose of the vacation). One: it's f-ing HOT in Kansas City in late July. Hot and HUMID. Next year we're going in the spring.

Also, I had one of the greatest dishes I've ever tasted. I've always liked lamb, and I have a soft spot for ribs for quite some time. Lamb ribs? Never had them before. But I had them for lunch yesterday and it was the most amazing culinary experiences of my life. At Jack Stack's BBQ, I tasted heaven in my mouth. If you're ever in Kansas City, they have a few locations. Get the lamb ribs (they have a lunch portion, too). You'll thank me later.

When I came home from the vacation, I had to catch up on my TV shows. They included: "The Next Food Network Star," "Hell's Kitchen," and the first episode of "Master Chef." As I'm watching these shows - especially the last one, I realized something: I truly do have a passion for food. I felt it there in Kansas City in the form of mouth-watering, savory lamb ribs. I want to learn how to make those lamb ribs so I can cook them every day. I love cooking. I'm good at it. At least, I think I'm good at it.

I still think I need more practice. I need more tools (a good set of knives, to start). I need to learn some more techniques. But I can get there. I can get really good.

I'm thinking that maybe I should watch the auditions for Master Chef. If they come to the Twin Cities, I could try out for it. I could win. Or at least I could have an experience I'd never forget.

Or, I won't get anywhere. Maybe I'm not good at all. Maybe everyone who tells me my food is good doesn't know any better. Or maybe they're just saying it's good so that I feel better.

I'd rather go into this thinking I'm good. I'm good, and I'm going to get better.

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