Thursday, May 13, 2010


Thanks to my awesome aunt Beth, I was finally able to get to a store to do some shopping. I returned some stuff. I bought some more stuff. I got new black pants for work and a new pair of Capri pants for the summer. I got a bunch of new tops that will be great for warmer days (if it ever stops raining).

I tried on a lot more things, though. And I'm not really sure about those Capri pants, either.

You see, since I gained a bunch of weight in the last two years, it hasn't been good for my body. I'm a short girl, so there aren't a lot of places for the new fat to go. And my poor little feet are having a tough time with the extra pressure. As a result, my feet, ankles, and shins are all ridiculously swollen. It's worse than having "cankles." I looked in the mirror and realized that I look like a character in a cartoon. Is this actually real?

With long pants, I can hide my cartoonish legs and ankles. Shoes hide my feet for the most part. But it's spring, and summer is coming (if it ever stops raining). I'm not going to want to wear long pants every day.

I know the obvious answer. Lose weight. But there's not nearly enough time before summer (if it ever stops raining), and it really sucks that I probably won't be able to find sandals that will fit.

I need to get back into walking. That will help. It'll be a step in the right direction. If it ever stops raining.

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  1. It is a fine line between comfortable and its my body and I'm ok with it and wearing flattering clothes to put you in the best light. I for one am back to capris and shorts because I just don't like to be that hot in the summer, but that's me.