Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things I Like

I like spearmint flavored gum.

I like blue ball-point pens, and tend to get sad when the good ones go missing.

I like meeting deadlines.

I like movie theater popcorn.

I like the smell of crayons.

I like watching nature programs in HD.

I like staying home on Saturday nights and watching guilty-pleasure movies on cable.

I like Domo.

I like the random collection of plushie sea creatures on my desk.

I like saltine crackers. Plain or in soup.

I like shaking the toner cartridge for my printer when it's running low.

I like watching people hock their stuff on Pawn Stars.

I like Mike Doughty's song "I Hear the Bells."

I like the pictures I can see on my desk at work: one of my dad playing the organ, one from my mom's wedding, one of my friends from college on our spring break trip to San Francisco, and a few pictures of two of my nephews (which seriously need to be updated).

I like baseball.

I like shiny beads organized in fishing tackle boxes.

I like grocery shopping with my roommate.

I like learning how to cook, but I still don't like cleaning up afterwards.

I like that the person in the cubicle next to me just said, "Is there anything I can assist you with? I am his assistant," to the person who called.

I like making lists.

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