Thursday, January 28, 2010

Failure is an Option, Apparently...

Remember that whole "I'm going to bring my lunch every day" plan I had? And how for the first two or three weeks of the year I was pretty good about it?

Yeah. This week, not so much. Today is Thursday. Let's do a little run-down of what I've had for lunch this week:

Monday: brought a Healthy Choice lunch, decided I'd rather have a BLT. With fries. But, man, that thing was good. I can eat the Healthy Choice lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday: still not thrilled at the idea of eating that Healthy Choice lunch. I want a sandwich. So I went to Subway.

Wednesday: Healthy Choice? More like Healthy Chump! I'm going to get a salad. Huh. That salad line is really long, but the pasta line is empty... I do get a salad with my pasta... yeah. Pasta it is.

Thursday: Who am I kidding? I want another BLT! (nom nom nom)

Yeah. Let's just say that this doesn't bode well for tomorrow. Or for any potential weight loss that might have happened this week. But who knows. I could surprise myself and actually be in the mood for that Healthy Choice thingy.

Also: I almost ordered Chinese food last night. I got home from Happy Hour a little buzzed and really felt like eating something salty and greasy. I don't have anything particularly salty and greasy in my house. But the thought of waiting for the Chinese food wasn't appealing at all, so I settled for a peanut butter sandwich, a pickle spear, and a 100 calorie pack of cheddar Chex Mix. So I guess that's a small victory.

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