Friday, December 18, 2009

Is it the Weekend Yet?

Dear Blog,

Today is difficult. I'm struggling with fading motivation - motivation that I didn't have much of to start with - and only a small pile of projects to accomplish today. With my boss out of the office, I'm finding it extremely difficult to concentrate at all on my work. I'm restless and sleepy despite the large Ho Ho Mocha I bought at Caribou this morning (as it turns out, medium is the right size for me - I lose interest by the time I get to the bottom of the large). Next week is a short week due to the holiday, and it's really hard for me to think about anything work related.

I want to go home!

But I can't. I have to do this work. I have to be a good employee and do the things I was asked to do. I think I'll wait until after lunch. Yes, that should make the afternoon go by faster.

I wonder if I can talk my roommate into going bead shopping with me this weekend. I want to make some things for presents this year, and I want to try making some ornaments for myself. Michael's should have all the things I need.

This is so lame - I'm even running out of things to write here. Pathetic.

The roommate and I are going to put up our tree this weekend. I hope we can find a good spot for it. Our house isn't really set up in such a way that there's an obvious place to put a tree. At least it's a little tree. I like it. It's cute and short and it already has lights on it.


What was that? You say I'm at work, and that I should be working at work instead of writing random crap in my blog?

... I suppose you do have a point.

Happy Weekend, Blog-land.


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